Johnny’s First Day Of School.

On Little Johnny’s first day of school,

The teacher asked Johnny what 10+10 is and he said he doesn’t know.

So his teacher told him to go home and find out.

After school, he went to ask his dad but he was fixing the car.

Johnny: Daddy what is 10+10

dad: f*** off can’t you see I’m busy

He went to ask his brother jake but he stood on his desk and jumped on his bed.

Johnny: Jake what is10+10

Jake: I’m batman

So he went to his sister(mary) and she was listening to music.

Johnny: What is 10+10

Mary:(singing) Let’s go, baby

he asked his grandma but her hearing isn’t so good.

Johnny: granma what is 10+10


He asked his mom and she is baking hamburger buns

Johnny: what is10+10

Mom: my buns are burning

Next day at school

Teacher: So johnny what is 10+10

Johnny: f*ck off can’t you see I’m busy.

Teacher: (angry)Who do you think you are…

Johnny: batman

Teacher: go to the principal’s office

Johnny: let’s go, baby.

Principle: so how many times do I have to beat your a$s johnny and I am also going to call your mom to take you home for the day.


5 minutes later

Johnny is walking to his mom’s car.

Johnny: (yelling)my buns are burning!!

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