Ladies, a man can’t stop missing you if you do the following things so often

Ladies, here are top 8 tested and true ways to make him miss you.

1. Tell Him All About Your Wonderful Day

One way to make a guy miss you is to have fun without him. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but your guy wants to be the only thing that makes you happy. If you’re having fun without him (a girls’ night out, some really cool skydiving lessons, etc.), then he’s going to want to be part of the fun. Men like to be the ones to make you smile, and if you’re smiling without him he’ll notice and he’ll pay more attention.

2. Don’t Be Immediately Responsive

If your man sends you a text, unless it’s an emergency, do not immediately respond. If he’s asking you how your day is going, then allow him a little time to wonder what’s going on (hence, the chase). Reply in a few hours, let him know you’re having fun (without him…see #1) and then let him miss you.

3. Look Awesome If You Know You’ll See Him

One important rule to making a man miss you is to look amazing without him. No guy wants to know that you’ve moved on, it’s just a crush to his ego. If you show up someplace you know he’ll also be, then you must look your absolute best both physically and mentally.

4. Show Up With Someone Else

If you know you’re going to see him in a public place, be sure to show up with a hot date. Having a little eye candy on your arm will make your ex squirm. First, he’ll imagine you and your date having s3x, and then he’ll remember what it was like to have s3x with you. He’ll miss you.

5. Be Friendly

Be friendly and polite to him, act like he’s an old friend and not an old lover. That really makes them crazy. Smile at him and his new girl (if he’s with a date), introduce yourself to her and act like you and he are old friends, but don’t stay and don’t make it awkward. Just be friendly and act casual.

6. Be Happy Without Him

If you’re miserable without him, then this won’t work. He won’t miss someone who still hungers for him (that’s not how the chase works). You have to be completely happy and cheerful without him for him to notice you. Nobody misses a miserable ex.

7. No Contact

If he’s giving you the cold shoulder (or being less affectionate than before), play the “no contact” card and be too busy to talk to him for a few days. Let him contact you first. Sometimes men need the chance to miss you. Give him that chance.

8. Wear His Favorite Scent/Your Signature Scent

Finally, if you really want a man to miss you, wear your signature scent. Your signature scent will linger with him long after the two of you have ended. Trust me, I can’t walk past a man wearing Desire cologne without immediately thinking of one of my old flames.

If you know you’re going to see him, then give him your scent to remember you by. If you don’t have a signature scent, then wear his favorite perfume. Every man has a favorite perfume they like on a woman.

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