Little girl with Down syndrome comes home crying, says teacher’s name


The family of an 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome say they’re frustrated with the lack of investigation after she came home from school claiming to have been hit.

According to reports, Candise Dorsey says her niece, Kalani, who has Down syndrome, came home from school one day in great distress.

“She was balled up crying, really wasn’t herself to the point she started vomiting,” Dorsey, Kalani’s legal guardian, explained, as per WSBTV. “She did not want to go back to the school.”

Kalani returns home

Dorsey shared a video with a reporter from Channel 2 that she recorded on September 24, the day Kalani came home from Sandtown Middle School, Atlanta, Georgia, sporting a bruise.

“I later found out from the doctor that the vomiting was due to the trauma of her being hit,” Dorsey said.

As a result of her condition, Kalani has a speech deficit. When pressed on the origin of her distress, however, she said her teacher’s name.

Dorsey explained how she repeatedly emailed school leaders until they agreed to ask Kalani who, if anyone, had hit her.

Dorsey said: “Kalani was shown every single one of her classmates and Kalani was also shown all her teachers. Kalani pointed out to her teacher.”

The very next day, Dorsey claims the district offered to move Kalani to a new school.

“Instead of moving the person who actually assaulted her, they’re moving the person who’s innocent. She’s the victim in this. There’s been no accountability.”

As yet there have been no charges filed against the teacher in question.

Allegations of mistreatment or abuse at school should always be taken seriously. We hope Candise gets the bottom of it sooner rather than later.

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