Little girl writes letter to Santa asking for a home for Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a time for the exchanging of love and gifts, a time for family to gather and friends to reunite.

Most of us will have fond memories of Christmas from our childhood. I remember opening presents by a warm fire and revelling in the joy of the occasion.

Sadly, of course, not all children get to experience this. For kids all around the world, Christmas can be a bleak period of struggle and envy.

The stark reality of this was evidenced recently when a girl from the UK posted a letter to Santa. Instead of asking for toys or expensive gadgets, she simply wanted such things as “a home” and “some food”.

The heartbreaking letter reads:

“Dear Father Christmas, can you help.

“Can we have a home for Christmas. Mam wants us to be all together can you give us some food and can I have just [a] nice doll for Christmas. Thank you.”

The unnamed child is said to have posted the letter to Santa in a special post box at the Liverpool 6 Community Center, a community center designed to provide “practical support and opportunities to socialise”.

Her words quickly gained attention after being shared on Twitter by a local councillor, Gerard Woodhouse.

Woodhouse also spoke with the Liverpool Echo, explaining: “No wonder young people have mental health problems, it’s just so sad. Unfortunately it is what we see at the L6 centre. This is just one of many that we’re going to see from now until Christmas. “

All children should have the benefit of being equal at Christmas time. Sadly, poverty is a real issue, and one we have to continue to strive towards eradicating.

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