Little Johnny Gives His Teacher A Pretzel But She Might Never Dare Eat It Any More


Little Johnny would bring a pretzel daily from his uncle’s bakery for his new teacher instead of an apple. What happens next is truly hilarious.

The teacher would always thank Little Johnny for giving her the pretzel.

But one day she said “Johnny, the pretzels are very good, but do you think your uncle can make them without salt?”

From then on the pretzels had no salt in them.

Everyday Little Johnny would bring pretzels that were salt-free.

After a few days the teacher felt she was making it hard for Johnny’s uncle to make pretzels without salt especially for her so she said to Johnny “Little Johnny, I hope it’s not too much work for your uncle to make pretzels without salt for me?”

Little Johnny says “Oh no. He doesn’t make them without salt. I lick the salt off.”

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