Little Johnny Goes Into A Bar.


Little Johnny goes into a bar and sees a sign that says $200 if you can make the horse laugh!

So Little Johnny goes over to the bartender and says I can make the horse laugh.
The bartender says go ahead,

Little Johnny, walks over to the horse and whispers in his ear the horse starts laughing hysterically.

Little Johnny, goes over to the bartender to get his money and the bartender says I bet you this $200 plus $400 more that you can’t make the horse cry,

Little Johnny, says alright you’re on.

He walks back over to the horse well the bartender turns around for a second and when he turns back around the horse is crying.

So he says to Little Johnny before I give you this money I gotta know, how did you make the horse laugh?

Little Johnny, said I told him my W!lly was bigger than his.

The bartender say well how did you make him cry?

Little Johnny says I proved it.

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