This Local Couple Lost the Weight Together and Stunned the Whole World with Their Documented Journey

Lexi and Danny Reed making a happy couple struggled a lot being overweight. Both of them were awkwardly obese and they proved themselves by helping each other in facing remarkably tough weight loss challenge. They were tensed but okay with their morbid obesity until January 2016 when they decided to step out of their comfort zone.

To keep going on a particular journey, we always need patience and motivation. This amazing couple got their patience and motivation from their Instagram followers on their joined account created by Lexi in the very beginning. They decided to show and to inspire their folk with everything they were doing for looking better and to embark upon the robust weight losing dare.

On the big day, they were awkwardly obese

When they got married Lexi was 25 years old and they were living a happy life with one common problem, obesity. Lexi weighed 489 lbs. then with Danny weighing no less. They had the drastically high weight which could only be reduced or say thrown out of the body either by surgery or by constant starvation. Apparently, they were perfect and they took this mutual perfection to an utterly new height by deciding to look better for each other.

How they started

Upon asking why Lexi wanted to lose weight so badly she revealed her desire to do many things she has been dreaming of since long and she wanted to buy her favorite clothes that are never available in the plus size section at stores. Even when Lexi knew that her husband loves her no matter what she wanted to lose weight to live a healthy and fit life.

Diet management

They started with diet management and used the Google guru to track down the healthy recipes for the weight loss as both of them knew nothing about culinary. They stopped eating out completely and bid farewell to alcohol too for the sake of weight loss. Eating salads, legumes, beans, vegetables and fruits started helping them. They supplemented their diet with eggs, beef, fish and all the food items which were rich in proteins and fibers and lacked fats and carbs. At that point, they had said bye to the soda and sugary beverages too. Lexi started taking healthy snacks including carrots or other beneficial vegetables including broccoli, cabbage or Spanish and started packing them for the workdays.


They coupled their healthy eating with serious cardio and strength workout and witnessed some serious turn on the weight scale.


They mentioned motivation as a major source of pushing you towards what you need to do. The Reeds were always there for each other to pat at the back and to motivate each other for fitness and better health. And due to all the support Lexi received from her husband and family, she managed to lose 236 lbs. in 12 months and stunned everyone with the drastic downfall in her weight. And wait why not to mention Danny? While helping her wife to look better than ever he, himself, lost 55 lbs. and they look still perfect together and how to lose weight is the best topic they can talk on for hours.

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