Look How Jessica Battle Lost 100 lbs. Before Her Wedding and Looked Stunningly Beautiful at Her Big Day

A Delaware Woman, Jessica Battle shared her story of losing 100 lbs. and rocked the search of how to lose weight. She was 225 lbs. when she got passed from her high school. She revealed her compulsive habit of enormous eating every time, everywhere. She said ‘‘I honestly would eat a king size candy bar every single day for two years’ period of my life’’ while talking about her eating habits. She also disclosed her inner feelings about how she had always felt in response to taunts and weird compliments on her appearance. Jessica Battle famous on Instagram as Jessica Metzger also shared her experience of being neglected because of her looks and how she had consoled her little soul but deep down she always knew that she was meant to be something else, something really inspiring.

She recalled her obsession with getting tattoos to look better and how they never helped her. She shared her memories of being mistreated by the boys she had dated just because of her appearance. Jessica Battle further revealed that she was 280 lbs. when she was 20 and she was okay with it until she found her father lying in the operation theatre for a heart surgery. She reported her intense fear of seeing a close person suffering like that. “Seeing those health issues really scared me”, she said. That incident motivated her to take care of her fitness.

The Beginning which is always difficult

She began with buying the training DVDs from a nearby store and started working out in her living room. She reported that she was afraid of going to the gym because of her lacked self-confidence and lack of knowledge of what to do in the gym. She started with Tae Bo and did it for months following 4-5 times a week routine and moved to different exercise later on still, in her living room.

Midway her weight losing journey, she managed to limit her portions by using My Fitness Pal. She honestly confessed that directly going to plane diets and lean meals couldn’t have helped her, therefore, she opted for reducing the things she was already taking. She jumped from eating the whole pizza to a portion of pizza and controlled the calories, proteins and carbs she was eating through diet scales even at work.

Instagram helped her

After losing 20 pounds, she started her Instagram account and gained an enormous following. She reported the love of women she had experienced while sharing her weight losing struggles including ups and downs at Instagram. Jessica Battle happens to be very honest about what she is doing and what she is showing. Her weight losing journey includes gradual progress that has led her to lose total 100 lbs. She has found her husband after losing 100 pounds online and she is very proud of sharing how she has changed over the years for the perfect beach wedding while sharing her wedding pictures and telling all the women struggling to lose weight that they are not alone.

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