Man Wins a $200,000 Lottery on His Way to Last Chemo Treatment


man with cancer wins 200,000 lottery

Everyone truly has a lucky day. It’s just a matter of ‘when.’

When Ronnie Foster from Pink Hill, North Carolina won $5 from his first $1 ticket, he began to feel extra-lucky and willing to keep trying. The retired transport worker had been battling colon cancer and was on his way to get his last round of chemo. He stopped at a Short Stop convenience store in Beulaville to buy a lottery ticket and try his luck. He couldn’t have chosen a better moment in time to walk into that store. He made away with a jackpot that would certainly make his recovery even better [1].

When Foster bought the $1 ticket, he won $5 and traded it in for two extra tickets. The first ticket yielded nothing but the second one led to the honeypot at the end of the rainbow. He won a shocking $200,000 from a $2.50 ticket. Perhaps, it was fate compensating him for all the pain he’d been through. 

“I saw all those zeroes and I froze,” Foster told the lottery. “I didn’t believe it until I gave it to the clerk at the counter to scan. When it showed, ‘Go to lottery headquarters,’ I started shaking. I couldn’t believe it.”

“I was already happy because it was my last round of chemo,” said Foster. “Winning this made it my lucky day.”

He scored the last big fish

According to a statement released by the North Carolina Education Lottery Commission, Foster won the last top prize in the Win It All promotion which will end this month. Fate had reserved the last big win for him on the last day of his pain and suffering. 

Foster was at the Lottery’s head office in Raleigh, NC to claim his prize. After tax cuts, he was awarded $141,501. He plans to use the money to clear some of his outstanding medical bills and top up his savings.

“I have good insurance,” Foster said. “But there is still some cost. This will make it a whole lot easier.”

A couple of months ago, NC lottery announced a statewide search for the winner of $1.1 million on the Cash 5 platform [2]. The lucky player beat odds of one in 962,598 to win the jackpot. In over 100 counties in North Carolina, about a million people drew that game and one lucky person snagged it – and wasn’t even aware of it. The lottery allows a grace period of six months before the win is nullified.

The NC Education Lottery rakes in about $700 million every year which is used to fund education across the state.

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