This Mom Ditched Her Emotional Eating Habit and Lost More Than 300 Lbs

Once you have the needed motivation and passion to bring the change, nothing is impossible not even exploring the life on Mars, stepping on the moon and of course shedding the dreading pounds off your body (this is an impossible thing for many of people out there, trust me).

But there are people who get over their fears and step up to the heights of self-actualization. One example of such glorious fitness queens is Michelle Ball, a mother.

Michelle Ball was an emotional eater but when she resolved to stop eating and reducing weight, magically she lost more than 300 LBs. She married her high school class fellow at age of 21 and within next 20 months. With the passage of time, though in very short, she gained weight more than she ever had imagined. She told about her health saying she was little smaller than now when she got married, during the time she gained and lost weight dramatically. Furthermore, she told PEOPLE about her early married life as she had two children to feed while his husband was at medical school for study. It was very difficult for her to take their care, and sometimes she dealt with them before her own needs, neglecting what she needed to do completely.

During that period, the only thing she loved for herself after children were food. It might be happiness or celebration and depression or anxiety, food was everything. Later she decided to lose weight for what she termed, ‘Closet eater’ to end extra eating because she knew she needed to change.

She said, “I would do a lot of night time snacking and snaking during the day”. She revealed looking at the scale showing 497 was freaky and worrisome that urged her to lose weight. She resolved to do it own her own because she was obvious, none would do it in her behalf. In the end of 2013, she got a book named Intuitive Eating where she read about eating mindfully.

As she told, this book made her think like why she ate so much? Why was she gaining weight so rapidly? Eventually, she started to consider whether she really had to eat something in hunger or she was eating by habit?  This thought promoted her to resolve his health issue.

By reading that book, she learned to manage carbs and calories she was supposed to take during the day.

One day she was able to say she had lost weight by eating what she wanted to eat but she used to eat only when she felt hungry and stop soon when satisfied.

During the time, she started walking and used to walk more than usual people around the block. She told that she lost first 150 lbs within days but further reduction took time. She started from walking and eventually switched to jogging, running, running extra miles, going to cross fit and finally Spartan race.

By 2016, she divorced, engaged again and gave birth to her third child. Finally, she had realized her dream and she really loved her body as she had done a lot with it to reach her desired goal by ditching her emotional eating.

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