Mother Received Backlash After She Revealed That She Taught Her 7-Year-Old How To Cook And Clean


Nikkole Paulun, a 22-year-old mother, is a proud mother who has taught her 7-year-old son Lyle how to clean and cook. There was outrage against Paulun after she posted pictures of her son doing housework online.

After Paulun’s posting of her son Lyle’s video of himself doing household tasks, a number of people expressed concerns about Lyle’s lack of childhood experiences and said the mother was abusing her son. They also verbally abused Paulun.

A woman commented that Paulun shouldn’t let Lyle “be your slave. Or to do the chores that you yourself don’t want to do.”

“So I take it you can do everything ur teaching ur son to do or are you just putting pressure on ur child?” another commented.

“Don’t get me wrong… a child should know responsibility. .. but should not be operating a stove that young.“ was another comment, and the last was, “Lazy mother’s are sweeping the country. It’s good to teach them while they’re young but I notice a lot of these single mom’s are just raising their boy’s to be the man that they wish they always had.“

Tere were also some other people who defended Paulun against the people who are criticizing her. The video got more than 8,000 comments, and in total, 156,000 interactions on social media.

Paulun had stated that her son and herself were enjoying their activities in the house and her son, Lyle, “just helps along the way & earns allowance as well.”

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