How much You Must Walk to Lose Weight?

Quick and Handy Guide on How much You Must Walk to Lose Weight;

You may know that there are two safest ways to lose weight; proper diet and exercise. And walking is one of the basic exercises that most of the people prefer to start with to losing weight. Even if you just keep a consistent pace and time of walk, losing weight is handy. Now, you might think that how much you must walk? What if you’re new to walking? And what are the possible outcomes? Let’s have a look at the answers by the how-to-lose-weight team.

How much must you walk?

It is determined by how much time you spend walking per day and how long you walk. For quickly lose weight, you should maintain at least 30-40 minutes of walk per day or 2 miles a day. During these 30 or up minutes, your body will be dealing with stored sugar and fats that are responsible for your obesity. And when you make 30 minutes or 2 miles walk a day your routine, you will observe the astonishing results. No, I’m not kidding. You can lose 20 pounds in just 5 months if you stick to your routine just through walking.

Are you new to walking to lose weight?

All of us walk, yes because we need to. But walking for losing weight is different as it requires a proper pace and rhythm. A proper walk for this particular purpose should be for at least 30-40 minutes and maximum for 60 minutes at least 5 days a week. But we understand that you, as a beginner, can’t run 2 miles per day, five times a week. So, guys trim it down to 10 minutes with three breaks. Begin with the normal walk and continue with increasing you running pace. After 3-4 days you will be able to run for 20 minutes a day without break. And when you make it a routine, you will be able to run the miles and to lose weight quickly.

Possible outcomes

Walking daily with a constant pace will boost up your metabolism, will make you fresh and energetic, will cut down the extra belly fats and at least 5000 to 6000 calories per week. Precisely, if you are 160 pounds now, walking briskly will exclude250-300 calories every 40-60 minutes. All of this in turn not only reduces your body weight but also make you less vulnerable to chronic diseases such as heart problems, liver issues and most common Diabetes.

Things to keep in mind

For better outcomes, you must drink at least 2 glasses of water before going for a brisk walk. Moreover, we recommend you to choose the right pair of shoes, right track to walk briskly on, right playlist and reduced calorie intake. Never skip more than one day and begin your walk with some muscle stretching moves that will make your body prepared for the best workout.

Conclusively, you can adopt brisk walk with right pace to reduce your body weight and belly fats quickly. But you should not leave it here. You must take also take healthy and right food.

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