No sweeter words were ever spoken, Love for Grandkids


When Our Grandchildren say i love you it’s the best feeling in the world we love them so much💝 That’s for sure, melts my heart every time I hear Love You Grandma.

Great feeling rather it’s for your kids your grandkids sometimes your heart feels like it’s just going to bars wonderful feeling.

It makes my day when my grandson tells me he loves so much, I say I love you to the moon and but he always goes one better he loves me much more than that. 💕 The greatest and most wonderful feeling is hearing your grandchildren say I love you, your heart melts and nothing else matters. I love my grandchildren with all my heart.

No sweeter words were ever spoken! I never imagined how wonderful it feels to be a grandmother, people told me how great it is but until you become a grandparent you have no clue!

To all my grand kids and great grand kid’s. I’m blessed to have been in your lives. All the great memories I have I keep in my heart forever. love you.

I think of all my grandchildren and love and adore them all.

My children, grandchildren and great grands are what keep me going every day. They are my life and they could never do anything that would make me love them less, it is unconditional love for a lifetime!! They are special and i love them all so much, my heart is full!!


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