Not all people are able to do it – can you find the odd one out?


Only 1 in 5 people can find the odd one out – are you one of them?

Under 10 seconds

At the same time, such things fascinate people – life is not supposed to be easy and to overcome a challenge is what makes us feel alive. That’s why I want to share two puzzles that I think will make you struggle!

According to the Youtube channel EG Mines, only one in five can get it correctly for the first time – and I understand why. You have to keep an eye on the details and that’s not something everyone has!

You have to find the symbol that stands out from the rest! On the first one, which hand looks different? See if you can spot it!

Can you do it in under 10 seconds?

Now you have to find the couple that stands out! Again, you have 10 seconds to do it!

Were you successful? Remember, most people can’t do it under 10 seconds, below we’ll show you the answer!




One of the couples is two women – while the others are a woman and a man!

One more try!

Here is the picture – will you find the odd one out?

Did you see at least one? It’s not easy, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t make it, then the answer is below.




Here is the right answer

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations in that case!

Only a “true genius” can solve this: Do you see the odd symbol?

Find the odd emoticon out

You have 10 seconds for each picture, so don’t cheat! If you do, it might get too easy!

Your challenge now is to find the speaker that looks different in this picture! Will you succeed?

Were you able to find the emoticon that stands out?

If not, you can see the solution below!

Time for the next challenge!

Same principle here — find the sun that stands out. You have 10 seconds!

Did you manage to find it? The emoticon in the picture that sticks out!

Below, we’ll show you where it is!

Time for the third and final challenge!

Remember now that only one genius can complete all 3 challenges!

Can you find the odd clock out?

I thought this was the hardest one. How about you?

Below, you will find the correct answer!

Did you complete at least 1 of the puzzles? Good job!

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