Not every friend request is a friend request

Many at times, enemies can come in the form of friends. Someone who doesn’t know you can’t possibly hurt you or break your trust. It is always people you mistook as friends.
We all know the devil doesn’t come in his true self; he comes in the form of everything we ever wanted.
We might be seeking friends, fame, and other material things; in the process, we might fall into the wrongs hands.
Not every friend request is a friend request. They might be hanging around to know what makes you, you. Why you are how you are? What makes you happy and keeps you going. Probably, they decided to be your friend out of jealousy. They never liked you.
I have seen friends pull friends down. I have seen friends turn enemies. These are friendships that never meant to exist. Friends that tear each other down always have that ulterior motive from the beginning.
Some people can befriend you because of their reasons or benefits. There are many parasitic friendships. Many people can choose to be your friend because of what they will gain from you. Some friend request isn’t genuine; they can be surveillance cameras and enemies getting ready to strike.
It would be best if you didn’t let your friends choose you, choose your friends. Choose people you have studied their lives and find them quite similar to you as like minds roll better. This doesn’t mean you should be so free with the person; you can never know if he /she’s a clone.
If you have a real friend, work on keeping them, and never let go. They are rare.

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