Nothing matters than spending time with people you love

Nothing matters than spending time with people you love
If there was a moment I forever wish not to end, it should be times I held you close.
I can remember our first picnic when I was twelve; it is a day, I will live forever to remember.
Each moment I spent with you, were the best moments of my life.

I hate the fact that you will leave soon. Too bad we started getting along when we had little time to spend together.
I regret those moments I accused you of being the cause of mom’s death. I never for once considered you will also be in pain; I was selfish to think her death affected only me.
We were never on good times, as I didn’t like the fact, that mom left my biological father because of you.
He was abusive, and always hit my mom, but I hoped they could work things out and we will be one happy family.
Nevertheless, I don’t regret having you as a father. You are more homily than my biological family, I will forever love you.
You were the only one who truly cared for me, apart from mom.
I wish to be given another chance to be with you, to hug you and cry on your shoulders, whenever I miss mom.
I never knew how loving you are, until that Saturday I almost lost my life, because my inhaler finished. I never knew you always kept a spare.
Always spend time with people you love, you don’t know if that is the last. I will forever treasure those moments I spent with you; you will forever be in my heart.

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