Photographer captures final moments between husband and wife


Jack Rice and his wife Reva Dean recently won a photo shoot with Kayla Maye of 29:Eleven Photography. The plan was to take photos of the elderly couple, but due to Reva’s rapidly declining health, Kayla wasn’t able to get all of the shots she wanted on the couple’s farm.

However, the photos she did capture showcased the love they have shared for the past several decades.

While Reva was unable to venture outside, Kayla took photos of 90-year-old Jack as he wandered around the farm he purchased in 1958 for just $9,500.

As Kayla took photos, she got to know Jack.

“He’s apparently been finding ‘field diamonds’ all over his farm for years,” she shared on Facebook. “I’ve been told his pockets are always full of them and he likes to hand them out to friends, neighbors, girls at church and waitresses! If you have one of these gems from ‘ol Jack, consider yourself Blessed!”

While she took many photos of Jack and his “best friend,” Lassie, she couldn’t ignore Reva. She was able to get a few photos of the couple in their home, and they’re stunning.

The photos show the love they have for each other, a love that began more than six decades ago when they first met at a Halloween carnival.

After the emotional photo shoot, Kayla learned Reva’s health took a turn for the worse.

“I know the Lord was at work in his timing with this shoot, for one week later, Reva Dean is now on hospice care. My heart breaks for the change that’s about to happen in Jacks life.”

Reva died not long after. Since so many became attached to Jack after Kayla shared photos of him and his wife, Kayla and his family worked together to have him receive mail through his church’s P.O. Box. If you would like to send him letters of encouragement as he grieves the loss of his wife, you can find the address here.

What a sweet photo shoot. Kayla captured a beautiful moment between this husband and wife, and she captured it at just the right time.

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