Put a can of canned tuna behind the TV: what happens next

Have you ever tried to put a can of tuna fish behind your TV set? You may be wondering why you have to do this, don’t worry, we’ll tell you now.

Tuna can

Unfortunately, the place where we decide to install the television does not always have good reception, but with this simple and inexpensive trick we can see everything we want, optimising the signal. Curious to know how to proceed?

A little trick to see TV well

What we are addressing today is a problem that many people have in common, we are talking about the poor signal, which does not allow us to see all the channels we would like on television. In some cases these are only visible to a small extent, in others they are completely obscured. Again, it can happen that the signal comes and goes.

By searching the web, we have found a way to stabilise it and thus enjoy a good experience. There is no need to spend money or rely on a professional, the object we are going to use is in fact in front of our eyes every day and destined for the rubbish.

TV set

So instead we can recycle it and obtain important benefits without damaging the device at all. Let’s see what this quick and easy method consists of.

Creating a DIY aerial

You got it right, it is possible to create an antenna in just a few steps, benefiting from the tutorial available on YouTube. The pictures are so comprehensive that there is no need for further explanation.

It really only takes a few minutes and very little material, which can be found in any hardware shop or electronics shop.

The first step is to take a can of tuna or any other foodstuff that has a similar container and above all, of the same material. We empty it and wash it thoroughly after removing the lid with the tab: the latter should not be thrown away but kept aside because we will need it in a while.

In these first steps,

it is important to be careful not to cut yourself. After washing and drying the box thoroughly, we make a mark with the felt-tip pen on the central point of the lower part and then drill a hole.

Once we have the hole, we can take an adapter and insert it, then screw the nut into the part sticking out and tighten it well.

Now we take an antenna cable measuring 10 centimetres and cut off the two ends of the plastic sheath to reveal the inner filaments. One end should be connected to the adapter inserted in the centre of the can, inside.

Now we take the remaining length of the antenna cable and screw in the appropriate adapters and connect the two ends respectively to the one inserted in the can (on the outside) and to the input that is usually located behind the TV set.

We conclude with the last step,

i.e. we take the tab we removed earlier and fix it inside the can, where there will be the adapter with a piece of antenna cable. Once this is done, we will have our very original and inexpensive DIY antenna, and as you can see in the YouTube video, the TV receives the signal perfectly when it is connected, while it goes dark when we remove the antenna from the can. Unbelievable! No expensive intervention and no effort.

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