Research Says Eating After 7 pm Is Bad For Weight Loss & Can Also Lead to Heart Attack

Many people love eating and do not care when and how much they eat. A lot of people do not even care about untimely snacking in the evening while watching TV shows or just to spend some free time and they subsequently suffer serious consequences due to their wrong habits. In this context, a team of researchers concludes eating two hours before sleeping (typically after 7 pm) can be dangerous for health and can lead to a heart attack following death.

A cardiology team of Turkish experts conducted a research over adults suffering high blood pressure to find the dissimilarity between what people consume and when they eat. A number of signs are brought into observation such as:

  • Total amount of consumed salt
  • Timing of consuming evening meals
  • Either they take breakfast daily or not
  • Kind of food participants consume whole day

This research has put forward its conclusion saying meal taken at least two hours before sleep is more harmful than consuming ordinary salty foods 4-6 hours before sleeping and that it has negative impacts on blood pressure and heart rate. In addition to it, they argue the time people eat at is as important as what they eat is. Timings and content of meal go side by side and play equally essential role for the well-being of individuals.

That is why nutritionists suggest a healthy diet for breakfast and lunch while a light meal for dinner.

How eating after 7 p.m. affects our system?

Eating AFter 7 pm

Diseases like stroke and heart failure are usually activated through high blood pressure and hypertension and according to the recent survey by WHO, 40% of hypertension suffers are 25 years old. In 2008, one billion of the whole population was suffering from hypertension.

Normally, when we fall asleep, our system slows down and our blood pressure decreases by 10%. But when you eat right before going to sleep, it activates the system of your body that situate you at a risky position to develop heart diseases and weight gain because your blood pressure doesn’t decrease as it must when you sleep. This situation is usually known as non-dipper hypertension that you need to avoid at all costs.

Conclusively, stop eating after 7 p.m. because that can bring extra fat to your body and can place your heart at severe risk.

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