Say Yes To These Healthy Snacks If You Want To Burn Calories

Having a tired time in office or boredom on weekend might urge you to visit the kitchen and eat whatever you find. But snacking at the wrong time with the wrong diet is the worst thing that can happen to your weight loss plan. Eating all the things you find available to eat is really a destructive habit not only for weight loss but also for overall well-being. But if you choose wisely what you are eating and what not, problems can be solved. Yes, you can take some healthy snacks with severely low calories and highness of felicity for taste buds. Here we are going to discuss the snacks you can say yes to, to burn calories.

The rebellion roasted chickpeas

Full of spice, crunch, taste and health roasted chickpeas are stomach friendly that you can go for at any part of your day to satisfy your hunger pangs. Just take necessary spices, chickpeas and oil. Oil? I mean olive oil. Just sway the chickpeas into olive oil and sprinkle the appropriate pinches of salt, pepper, ginger, garlic and sauce. Bake it for 20 minutes and here you go. You can say yes to this healthy snack meal to take less and burn more calories.

Roasted Chestnuts

Just do one thing before roasting the chestnuts at 130 degrees, cut the slits and add them to the one layer of the baking tray. Chestnuts have been considered best of the snacks since ages and they never betray your limited calorie intake in any possible way. The chestnuts proposal needs an immediate yes as a snack if you want to burn calories more than you take in.

Remember, chestnuts are high in fibers but not that low on carbohydrates so watch a number of chestnuts your teeth are chewing because snacks are not meant to be eaten for hours and I know you will be going to use it as an excuse like ‘that was a snack’ eh?

Seed Crackers

Trust me or not seed crackers are one of the best snacks you can say yes without any hesitation. There are a number of ways these seed crackers can be used in but you can give a try to this one. Add 30 grams of the sesame seed, 2 egg whites (properly separated), 60g sunflower seeds, and 200g of baked but unsalted peanuts. 30g flax seeds into the 20ml water. Don’t forget to add some Himalayan salt. Now, crush all the seeds and mix them well by using the blender and bake them at 180 degrees for at least 10-15 minutes. Here you go with the mighty snack that can help you burn calories more than you take in.

Hummus and cucumber

Filled with 90% water and a lot of nutrients, cucumber makes best and healthy snacks that you can use anytime to say goodbye to your cravings. Just cut them perfectly and try it with your favorite hummus recipes.

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