Science Says That Tequila Can Assist you Lose Weight

Science Says That Tequila Can Assist you Lose Weight

It is a stereotypical belief that alcohol and other related drinks’ consumption leads to weight gain and causes problems with the efforts to lose weight. And to some extent it is true. But there are astonishing facts explored about your favorite tequila. So if you’re partying all over the week, just switch to tequila. Because the findings of alcohol and margarita being stuffed with sugar are quite true that leads to food cravings and never let your hunger satisfied. Therefore, Tequila is a better choice. We cannot suggest anything better at this acknowledging point. Imagine taking your favorite drink quite often and finding out that it can also help you lose weight? What can be more exciting? Luckily, tequila is doing this great favor to you. Tequila, you might have been taking shots of at your weekends or weekdays, has been discovered as a potential source of reducing blood sugar level and losing weight.

How did that happen?

Recently in 2014 American Chemical Society did an extensive experiment regarding effects of tequila on blood sugar level casting Mice as subjects and the results were astonishing particularly for the agave lovers. They let the mice drink the water with tequila and tested their blood samples in the laboratory. And they found that all of the sampled mice blood contains comparatively less blood sugar and relatively increased insulin. It made them dig deeper to find more facts and they reached the super exciting weight losing benefit. A useful sugar has been discovered which is a potential part of tequila called Agavina which is widely found in Agave plants. The results of the research explain that this sugar not only helps reduce the sugar level but also boosts up the insulin production and help weight loss. Amazingly, this also improves the recovery of people with Diabetes type 2 and produces GLP-1. GLP-1 is a hormone that makes the stomach stay filled for longer and suppresses the appetite. And when people tend to eat less they automatically lose weight. So many benefits with one entity. This is really a revolution.

How does it work?

Scientists have clearly discriminated the Agavina from agave syrups that are enriched with unhealthy sugar leading to chronic health hazards including serious weight gain. The sugar which has been found in the agave-based tequila is highly safe as compared to the other artificial sweeteners that not only increase the blood sugar level but also cause fatigue and obesity.

All of the gossip about Tequila being weight losing friendly is not focused on asking you to quit the alcohol, beer or whisky. But the point is to be careful and responsible about what you are drinking. And if you are a rider of weight losing roller coaster, you really don’t need to skip out your favorite drinks in this journey because tequila is already here to compensate. So either it is the overweight body or irritating diabetes, it is not going to affect your party time.

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