Scientists Claim to Have Created the First Human Monkey Hybrid


split screen of embryo and monkeys

Interesting things are happening in science labs across the globe, especially now as a Spanish scientist claims to have grown the first successful human/monkey hybrid. 

This experiment took place in China, due to understandable legal concerns. In this lab, a viable hybrid embryo was created and this finding was first claimed in the Spanish newspaper, El País.

Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte wore the white coat for this project. With previous experience in this field, Belmonte also created the first human/pig hybrid in 2017. While their results were not as successful in this initial endeavor, they did learn about the process which made this latest exploration a “success”.

Belmonte claims that there is the intention to use animals for human transplant organs, however, this statement raises some questions in relation to ethics. As our planet slowly begins to explore more sustainable technologies, and with the movement against animal testing, we’re not exactly sure if these experiments make it outside of this laboratory. 

There are many questions with the blending of human and non-human. Would these animals have consciousness and be self-aware? Should this type of experimentation be allowed? If we’ve learned anything from movies such as Jurassic Park, there are some things that we should maybe just let be. 

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