Here is How Scott Shrem Lost 50 pounds within Shortest Time Period

Psychology says that there are a lot of tensions, anxieties and depressive thoughts we tend to suppress by getting our brains into eating. Eating is what gives us pleasure and make our time interesting but when it shoots up from the normal level it can do to you something that happened with Scott Shrem. A 36 years old podiatrist, Scott Shrem shared his story with the world about how he lost his 50 pounds and what he recommends to people for ‘how to lose weight’.

His heartbreaking story

Weight was not among the things Shrem had worried about until he went through a heartbreaking breakup and grievous death of his beloved father who was diagnosed with cancer. He was occupied with the negative thoughts and bleeding heart and finally, he found shelter in spending his time while eating. As he stated that he had started eating so much that his weight shot to 228 pounds within no time. But there was a moment when the tragic death of his father made him think about his own health and he started taking precautionary measures to stay away from diabetes and blood pressure issues he has already suffered from with his father, visually.

How did he do that?

He reported that due to his excessive weight he was unable to run as his knees ached a lot. Therefore, he started his weight losing journey with lifting the weights 5 days a week with an influential body part training. He further stated about how to lose weight that he also started managing his diet. Although he started with eating the same food but he tried to cut the carbs and enhance the protein. He dropped his calorie intake to 2200 to 3000 calories while eating 50g of fats, 200g of proteins, some fruits and vegetables in four servings a day.

Upon asking how did he manage to stay at the same calorie intake, Scott Shrem explained how he took his motivation from his father’s life who had already suffered from severe diseases due to obesity. His father’s death shattered him and made him realize that if he didn’t do anything about his 228 pounds now, his living will be like hell.

How fats his plan worked?

Inquired about the fats and weight he had lost, he told that even at the beginning he started feeling his pounds shedding. He told in his interview about how to lose weight that in 6 weeks he had lost his 10 pounds and his 38 sized jeans were already urging him to change them to 36size. That was an important victory for him, he said. In two further months, he had dropped 25 more pounds and he was able to run as much as he wanted at that point. And finally, he lost his 50 pounds in just 3-4 months.

Scott Shrem’s suggested trick

He started with cardio exercises and managed his diet by eating fruits as avocado, grapefruits and other whole meals such as grains and eggs to stay healthy and fit.

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