Seniors hand out candy to over 5,000 visitors on Halloween


In the beginning of October the residents at Heartis Clear Lake in Webster, Texas asked for candy so they could hand out treats to children on Halloween. Countless strangers donated boxes upon boxes of candy, then the residents had another request–they needed trick-or-treaters!

Yesterday, over 5,000 people showed up to participate in the assisted living facility’s Halloween party.

So many people showed up that the line of trick-or-treaters reportedly snaked around the building twice. And because so many people came to visit the residents, they ran out of candy rather quickly.

But that didn’t seem to matter.

“It’s been great,” resident Ortera Ellis told ABC13. “They come by and they have been really cute. It’s fun for us.”

Prior to the trick-or-treaters’ arrival Heartis Clear Lake filled up four 32-gallon cans with all the candy they received and within a few hours they were empty.

Not only was it an enjoyable experience for the residents, but those who brought their children said it was exactly what their community needed.

“It gives them a sense of reality,” one parent said. “It gives them a sense they still have family and we are their family.”

This was such a sweet gesture made by the community. I hope this turns into an annual tradition. Look how happy it made everyone involved!

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