She Adopted The Son Of Her Husband’s Late Ex-Wife, People Had Criticized Her

Christie and Weslet Werts had been dating for five years when they were married. Each of them had their own children, and they included their families into their marriage.

Wesley also had two children, Austin and Dakota, while Christie had two children, Megan and Vance. They had blended their families together when they were married. Together with their four kids, they grew into a large family. But they had no idea what was about to happen.

Levi was a recent addition to their family, expanding it. After 16 months of waiting to complete their adoption, the parents at last took their new son to his new home.

Levi was born in 2021, to the ex-wife of Wesley, who cheated on him. The reports are suggesting that the mother of Levi and her boyfriend were drug addicts, and due to that, Levi was born as a premature baby in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

After four days of his birth, his mother had passed away, due to COVID. Her sister had informed about the passing of Levi’s mother, and Christe with her husband, Wesley, they wanted to adopt Levi, as Christie grew in a foster home, and wanted to give Levi a loving home and family.

They already wanted another child, but since they were in their 40s, it was complicated for the parents. But with Levi, they immediately take him under their wings.

Christie said, “For three months, I kept having this dream. Sometimes he was a baby, other times a toddler.”

The parents had flown to Texas, to meet with Levi, and to talk with CPS. Christie said, “But when I walked in and saw this blond-haired, blue-eyed baby, I immediately fell in love. It was a very surreal feeling. This was my son. Even my daughter [Megan], when she first saw him, said, ‘He has our button nose!’”

Their journey was long, as they were informed by The National Adoption Foundation, that it might last two to seven years. But when Levi’s aunt got involved, the couple had figured it out in 16 months.

To attend the court, Christie and Wesley had moved to Texas, and sold their house in Ohio. On the other hand, biological father of Levi was still alive, and they needed to wait for a time, until his parental rights were terminated.

After 16 months of long procedures, they were finally approved to go back to their home.

As Levi had celebrated his second birthday, Christie and Wesley are planning to tell his story to him, when he is at an appropriate age.

Many people from the internet had commented regarding the story of Levi, and some had criticised Christie, in her attempts to adopt Levi.

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