Strong Moms Raise Strong Daughters


mother and daughter

A bond between a mother and daughter is unlike anything else, and this relationship is an essential building block for a girl. Strong mothers raise strong daughters, and there’s a few things worth mentioning about a strong woman.

Let a daughter of a strong mother tell you, a girl can flourish in her own, she doesn’t need someone to hold her hand the entire way. A strong mother teaches her daughter that she doesn’t need another person to determine her happiness, she can conquer the world on her own, and is confident enough to do so.

Strong mothers also raise independent daughters who know how to get things done. A mothers strength and determination teaches so many lessons, such as being able to stand up for yourself, how to confront people when needed, how to take care of yourself, survive in this big world, and put yourself first.

A strong mother knows her worth, she knows what love feels like, she knows how families should treat each other and she works hard to ensure her daughter knows these things as well. She does not allow relationships to become toxic, teaches her daughter which people in our lives we should keep close, and which ones are better at a distance.

A strong mother respects herself, and she teaches her daughter to respect herself too. She does not tolerate people putting you down and walking all over you. While sometimes you may feel embarrassed if your strong mother stands up for herself in public, but she does this to show her teach her daughter that it’s ok to stand up for what’s right and fair. 

Strong mothers know that crying does not make one weak. Tough girls can cry too. Even the strongest minds experience low points and tough times, what’s more important is to learn from your experiences, and not to dwell on them too long. A strong mother teaches her daughter to keep moving forward, not to look back too often and most importantly to love and appreciate the now, and what the future you want to create. 

When you have a strong mother, giving up is never an option, especially giving up on yourself. Even if you fail, you must get up and try again. You are already enough, and failure is not an option for a strong woman, she also recognizes that the path to success is never linear.

A strong mother will teach you how valuable you are. You will never allow yourself to be taken advantage of, because you know your mother would never tolerate that. A strong woman raises a strong daughter whose standards are set high. You deserve something special and sometimes that takes time. A strong woman is not trying to rush the process, she respects the process.

When you have strong mother, you will always have someone to help you get back up. Whether that lift be physical or by memory. A girl with a strong mother should feel constantly reminded of what a badass she is. You are bright even on your darkest of days. You are always capable of pursuing your dreams. You can always choose to be happy and strong, because it’s an ability that’s been instilled in you. 

A strong mother is a best friend for life, she will always have an open ear and is ready to help you with whatever you need. She is your inspiration, your role model, and when you grow up with a strong mother, you also become a strong woman, and if you become a mother to a daughter then you will have your own strong daughter.

When You Have A Strong Mother, You Grow Up To Be A Strong Girl

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