Super Cute Elf On The Shelf Clothes And Accessories


Want cute Elf On The Shelf Clothes for your Christmas elf? These adorable elf clothes and accessories will make your elf the most stylish little guy (or gal) at the North Pole!

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This year we’ve decided to surprise “Elfy”, our Christmas elf, with new Elf On The Shelf clothes and accessories. After all, it must get boring wearing the same Elf clothes day after day. Who knows, it may even get us bumped up higher on the nice list!

There are tons of cute Elf On The Shelf ideas and it’s not just clothing, either. You can buy kits that will make your Elf bendable, Elf pets to keep him company and even Elf Christmas notes. The possibilities are endless, from clothes to props and even Elf travel gear.  (Don’t have an Elf On The Shelf? You can get one here)

Elf On The Shelf Clothes And Accessories

These are a few of our favorites…

  • Elf On The Shelf Couture Set
  • Sweet Shop Set
  • Holiday Hawaiian Shirt
  • Dapper Tuxedo
  • Peppermint Princess Gown 
  • Holiday Costumes
  • Arctic Ice Skating Outfit
  • Movie Night Kit
  • Scout Elves At Play
  • Elf Cast (for injured Elves)
  • Elf Entry Door
  • Magical Merry Elf Notes
  • 3d paper crafts
  • Letters To Santa 
  • Peppermint Balloon Ride
  • Daily Elf Report
  • Elf Superhero Outfit

…and more

Elf Clothes
Elf On The Shelf Clothes

With a sleeping bag, party skirts and snow tube set, it doesn’t get much cuter than this Elf On The Shelf Couture Set!

Did you know that elves love baking? We may just have to get Elfy this Sweet Shop Set, complete with apron, mixing bowl and spoon.

A cute Hawaiian shirt might be my favorite of the Elf On The Shelf clothes

Since we live in Florida, I’m seriously thinking that our elf needs this Holiday Hawaiian shirt, complete with glasses and lei!

Elf On The Shelf dress up clothes

On the flip side, if you’re elf has a fancy party to go to, he’ll need to get dressed up in this Dapper Tuxedo!

Peppermint Princess Gown for the Elf On The Shelf

If your girl elf is going to the party too, she’ll want to wear this cute Peppermint Princess Gown.

Elf On The Shelf costumes

My girls would have a total giggle fit if they woke up to see their elf wearing one of these holiday costumes!

Elf on the shelf jingle jazzy

Dress your elf up in this fun Jingle Jazzy outfit.

Elf On The Shelf Clothes for cold weather

This Jingle Jam Hoodie is perfect for all those cold flights to the North Pole.

Elf ice skating outfit

Does you elf like ice skating? If so, you’ll definitely need this Arctic Ice Skating outfit.

Elf On The Shelf raincoat

Your favorite elf can even have his (or her) own Elf On The Shelf Raincoat.

Elf On The Shelf shirts

These fun t-shirts even come with their own suitcase.

Elf on the Shelf bathrobe

This Elf On The Shelf bathrobe, complete with slippers, is perfect for when your tired little elf needs a spa day.

Elf On The Shelf Accessories

Elf movie night set

This Elf On The Shelf Movie Night Kit is perfect for when your elf wants to watch all his favorite Christmas shows. It comes complete with two popcorn buckets, peppermint chair, green t-shirt and mini TV.

Elves at play set

This Scout Elves At Play Kit comes with tons of fun ideas and even includes 15 fun elf sized tools.

Elf On The Shelf cast

 Even elves have accidents (flying back and forth to the North Pole every night isn’t easy). At least this Elf cast can help when he gets injured.

Elf entry door

Ever wonder how your Elf On The Shelf gets in and out every night? He probably just sneaks in through the window but this Elf Entry Door is so much more fun!

Magical Merry Elf Notes

How excited would your kids be to get notes from their elf every day? These Magical Merry Elf Notes will have the kids jumping out of bed each morning looking for his next message.

Fun paper crafts for the Elf On The Shelf

Your elf will love using these Play Paper Crafts to create a mini elf world of 3D fun

Letters to Santa

The kids will love writing letters to Santa using special elf paper! It even shrinks down to elf size so your elf can carry them straight to Santa. After Santa reads them, your elf hangs them on the tree as Christmas ornaments.

Elf swing

What elf wouldn’t love to have his very own swing to play on?

Peppermint balloon ride

Flying to the North Pole every night must get exhausting. Now your elf can take his very own Peppermint Balloon Ride instead.

Elf report

The kids will think twice about being naughty when they know they’ll be getting official Elf reports every day.

Elf On The Shelf superhero

Want an elf that can save the day too? You’ll need this fun Elf On The Shelf superhero outfit!

Elf bed

All that flying can be exhausting. A busy elf needs to sleep and this Elf Bed looks pretty cozy.

Reindeer pet for elf

 Give your little elf a reindeer pet so he’ll have some company when you’re asleep.

Bonus For Mom

This next one is not for the elf…it’s for mom.

Elf On The Shelf Wine Glass…mom knows why!!!

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