Teenager saves 9-year-old girl from kidnap after man forces her into his car


It might seem like heroes are merely a work of fiction, that they exist only on the big screen or in comic book strips, but that’s simply not true.

Heroes exist among us, they breathe oxygen and eat breakfast and go to school or work just the same as you do. It’s a point proven in stories like this one.

According to reports, a teenager in a suburb of Irkutsk, Russia, foiled a kidnapping attempt by a convicted rapist who forced a nine-year-old girl into his car.

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The Siberian Times say the girl was walking home from school when she was set upon by a man who had been released from jail in 2017.

Local police authorities shared CCTV footage of the young girl losing her battle with the 48-year-old assailant, who bundled her into his car and jumped inside after her.

Little did the offender know that a teenager, 16-year-old Vyacheslav Doroshenko, was walking nearby. He heard the girl scream “Help!” and turned in time to see the attack unfold.

Watch the kidnap attempt below:

Vyacheslav leapt into action, running to another nearby car and alerting the driver. Together they rushed back to the kidnapper, forcing him to abandon what he was doing and jump, in panic, into his own driver’s seat.

He sped off but Gleb Sizykh, the driver in the other vehicle, followed him into a dead end and blocked his way out.

The Siberian Times say the criminal told Gleb he thought the girl was his little sister, and that he’d made a mistake.

The girl’s mother told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: “Gleb got confused for a minute and let the criminal go before realising it was lies and calling police.”

Police were able to apprehend the suspect and detain him. He soon pled guilty and was charged with kidnapping. He could reportedly face five to twelve years in jail.

You can see heroes Vyacheslav and Gleb in the video below:

I’m just thankful these two heroes were on hand to stop what could have been a terrible crime.

To think such monsters exist in the world is terrifying. I fear more and more for my children every day.

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