Texas football player prays with opponent after game in viral photos


Football in Texas is not something that is taken lightly, the competition is tough. But once the game ends, high schoolers who viewed their opponents as the enemy show their respect for each other.

Following Sherman High School’s game against West Mesquite on Friday, two players took center stage when they both took a knee in the middle of the field.

“I just had a moment with him praying over him, his mom, and his family,” Gage Smith, a senior at Sherman High School, told KXII.

After the game, Gage approached his opponent, Ty Jordan, whom he knew from playing together on a previous team, and asked if he could pray with him for his mom.

Ty’s mother is currently battling cancer.

“When you’re playing the game, you’re playing to win and the other team is the enemy, but afterwards you still have respect for the other opponent,” Gage said.

The Sherman football coach’s wife captured the heartwarming moment and they were eventually shared the photos with Ty’s aunt, who posted them on Facebook where they quickly went viral.

“It’s pretty special that kind of everybody gets to see really what he is, he’s that type of kid all the time, it’s just not in front of the cameras or anything like that, he’s like that every day,” Gage’s coach, J.D. Martinez said.

“Football brings people together in so many different ways, and that was just one example of it that night,” Gage said.

This makes me teary-eyed. This is such an incredible gesture.

Share this to send a prayer to Ty’s mom and these two young men. We need more people like Gage in this world.


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