Thank you, God, for always being there

Thank you, God, for always being there
God has protected me more times than I can count.
He has saved me from situations I never believed I could survive.
Who could believe that a sickle cell anaemia patient can be a grandmother? Each day of my life the past few years have been on praising, thanking and glorifying him, he has shown me so much love and mercy.
If someone ever told me that I would live up to the age of getting married and having kids, I could have said the person is bluffing.
There were a lot of times I passed out and never dreamt of waking up, but God never forsakes me. He was with me through thick and thin.
During my childbirth, I had a lot of complications; I birthed my three kids through caesarean section. My second child almost made me lose my life. I lost a lot of blood and was in a coma for days.
The doctors said it could only take a miracle for me to come back to life; they tried all they could, and I was left in the mercy of fate.
God never forsook me; he knew it wasn’t my choice to be born a sickle cell. He was with me and rescued me from all the life struggles I ever passed through.
I never believed I could live to see my grandchildren, even if death came knocking now, I would gladly go.
I have spent all my life as a living testimony. Thank you, God, for always been there for me even when I don’t know it.

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