The All New Holiday Decor At Animal Kingdom


Christmas at Walt Disney World is better than ever! For the first time, there’s all new holiday decor at Animal Kingdom and it’s unlike any Christmas decor you’ve seen before. See why an Animal Kingdom Christmas should be on your wish list this year.

Thanks so much to Disney for providing tickets so that my family could experience the new holiday decor at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is an amazing place to visit any time of year but now Disney has taken it up to a whole new level for the holidays! There’s new entertainment, holiday decor and of course, plenty of holiday magic.

It all begins with the giant Christmas tree at the entrance. The people at Disney sure know how to decorate a tree. Can they come to my house this year?

Christmas Tree at Animal KingdomOnce you enter the park, gorgeous Christmas wreaths are everywhere.

Animal Kingdom Christmas Wreath

Now the real fun begins as you check out the different holiday decor in each land…

Holiday Decor At Animal Kingdom


Don’t even try looking for traditional Christmas wreaths in Africa because you won’t find them. Instead you’ll be treated to colorful and unique wreaths with an African touch.

Animal Kingdom Christmas decorations

I loved how creative these were. Who would ever think to make a wreath from bottle caps and old tires? I guess Disney would!

Bicycle tire wreath

While I was a little obsessed with the wreaths, the entertainment was amazing too. I’m always in awe of acts like this because I’m just lucky to be able to walk in stilettos without falling over. I’m not sure how they do this but it sure is fun to watch!

Performers in Animal Kingdom's Africa

Everywhere we looked, the holiday decor was eclectic and fun, reflecting he colors and textiles of Africa.

Eclectic Christmas tree at Animal Kingdom

This Christmas tree totally caught my eye too. It looks like they just threw together random objects but it all fits together so perfectly. Guess it’s more of that Disney magic!


When you make your way to Asia, you’ll find the theater district decorated in celebration of Diwali, India’s holiday festival of lights. These colorful lanterns were so pretty in the daylight.

Colorful lanterns in Animal Kingdom's Asia

Then we saw it at night and the girls and I were completely mesmerized. It was so beautiful that even my girls couldn’t get enough pictures. This might just be my favorite holiday decor at Animal Kingdom!

Glowing lanterns in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Asia was filled with lanterns, glowing flowers and more, including authentic cultural performances by the water. My daughter loves Asia most because of Everest but I love it for these lanterns!

 DinoLand U.S.A. 

Walking towards DinoLand U.S.A., it’s impossible to miss the glowing dinosaur that greets you at the entrance.  

DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom

You can join Donald Duck’s friends for a big Dino-Bash, where they’ve gotten into the spirit with holiday decor that they’ve chosen based on their own style. Even Scrooge McDuck was there.  

Meeting Scrooge McDuck in Animal Kingdom

DinoLand USA was covered in Christmas lights, making it feel festive and merry.

Lights in Dinoland USA

Even the restaurants got in on the act and I’m not sure they could have fit one more Christmas light on this tower.


What do you do when you’re far from home and working on the moon? The ex-pats of Pandora decided to bring in some holiday fun. The holiday decor display at Pongu Pongo combines vintage pieces from Earth with items made from materials found on Pandora. 

Holiday Decor in Pandora

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World | Steven Diaz

Discovery Island

Head to Discovery Island while it’s still daylight and you’ll find life-size, artisan-sculpted animal puppets representing reindeer, foxes, polar bears and more. 

Giant puppet in Animal Kingdom

Once the sun went down, the lights came out. The buildings of Discovery Island were lit up with Christmas lights and luminaries.

Luminaries in Discovery Island

If you look closely, you’ll see that these aren’t just ordinary luminaries. Like always, Disney went one step above and each luminary has an animal theme.

Animal luminaries at Disney

Photos Credit : Walt Disney World | Steven Diaz

While we were wandering through Discovery Island, little Keira found her favorite tree of all, a campfire themed tree that featured marshmallows as the tree topper (Just look for it in front of Dug and Russell’s Wilderness Explorers Club).

Tree with marshmallow treetopper

The only bad part? We were kind of craving s’mores the rest of the night.

Tree Of Life Awakenings

You can’t visit Animal Kingdom at night without watching the Tree Of Life come alive each night with Awakenings. Now the show has a new holiday inspired musical score while it tells a series of wintry tales.

Tree Of Life for the holidays

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World | David Roark

In between Awakenings, we watched the “snow” fall against the gorgeous colors of the Tree of Life.

Tree Of Life in Animal Kingdom

If you’ve never spent the holidays at Walt Disney World, you have no idea what you’re missing. From Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to the new holiday decor at Animal Kingdom, it’s simply magical!  

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