The Fascinating Journey of the Kitchen Mixer

Have you ever considered how the dependable kitchen appliance, the mixer, came to be? Let’s travel back in time and discover the fascinating history of this indispensable equipment.

The Early Days of Mixing

In 1856, Baltimore tinner Ralph Collier created the first mixer with spinning elements, ushering in a period of culinary innovation. E.P. Griffith’s whisk was later patented in England in 1857. The Monroe brothers, J.F. and E.P., also left their mark with their hand-turned rotary egg beater, which was patented in the US in 1859. These early designs caught the attention of the Dover Stamping Company, which acquired the Monroe brothers’ patent. The Dover egg beaters became a beloved American brand, often referred to as the “Dover beater.” In fact, back in February 1929, a recipe from the Gazette newspaper of Cedar Rapids, IA, even featured the famous Dover beater in a delightful dessert recipe called “Hur-Mon Bavarian Cream.”

The Rise of Electric Mixers

Rufus Eastman, an American inventor, created the first mixer using an electric motor in 1885. However, the Hobart Manufacturing Company’s big commercial mixers actually transformed the business. In 1914, the company introduced a groundbreaking new model that would forever change the mixer landscape. Throughout the early 20th century, two notable American brands, the Hobart KitchenAid and the Sunbeam Mixmaster, became popular choices among consumers. Although these mixers gained popularity, they remained a rarity in most households until the 1920s, when they began to be widely adopted for home use.

The Birth of the Stand Mixer

In 1908, while seeing a baker combine bread dough with a metal spoon, Herbert Johnston, an engineer with the Hobart Manufacturing Company, had a genius idea. He thought there has to be a better method and began developing a mechanical counterpart to streamline the procedure. By 1915, Johnston’s 20-gallon mixer had become standard equipment in most large bakeries. Then, in 1919, the Hobart Manufacturing Company introduced the Kitchen Aid Food Preparer, also known as the stand mixer, for home use. This revolutionary invention soon became a staple in kitchens across the country.

The mixer has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 19th century. From hand-turned rotary beaters to the introduction of electric motors and the birth of the stand mixer, this essential kitchen tool has undergone numerous innovations to make our lives easier in the kitchen.

So, the next time you bake a batch of cookies or mix up a delicious cake batter, take a moment to enjoy the rich history of your trusty mixer. After all, it demonstrates human inventiveness and the desire to ease daily duties.

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