The Five Old Ladies Were Seated In The Car. –

“One night a state cop saw a car going only 22 miles per hour.

He pulled the car over.

When he approached the driver’s side, he noticed five old ladies were seated in the car and all of them looked to be in shock.

They were all very pale.

The old lady driver greeted him,

“Officer, why did you pull me over? I was going the speed limit exactly. What is the issue?”

“Ma’am you weren’t going over the speed limit, however, driving under the limit is just as dangerous.”

“But I was going 22 mph, the exact speed limit.”

“No, ma’am, 22 is not the speed limit, it’s the route number,” he laughed.

Feeling embarrassed the older woman thanked him.

“Before I let you go, is everyone ok? The other ladies seem a bit unsettled.”

“Oh, they’ll be fine in a minute. We were just on route 119.”

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