The Moving Checklist You Can’t Live Without (with free printable)


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Getting ready for a big move? Use this printable moving checklist to be sure you don’t miss anything. Plus, find out the best way to keep cool when you need a break from all that heavy lifting. 

Checklist For Moving

Buying a new house is pretty exciting! We’ll be moving soon and can’t help but drive by our new house every few days to see what they’ve done since our last drive-by.  New houseWhile getting a new house is a lot of fun, moving is most definitely not. It’s a lot of work and there are so many things to do before you move that it’s easy for stuff to slip through the cracks. I knew I was going to need a printable moving checklist to keep track of everything I needed to do.  

Moving Checklist

Here’s a quick peek at a few of the things on my moving checklist…

  1. Schedule moving company or pod delivery
  2. Buy boxes, tape and other packing supplies
  3. Sell or donate items you no longer want
  4. Cancel utilities
  5. Set up utilities in new house
  6. Cancel subscriptions/gym membership
  7. Use up food in freezer and pantry
  8. Change address at post office, bank etc.
  9. Fill/transfer prescriptions
  10. Pack and set aside a box of move-in essentials 

Before getting started, I needed to stock up on supplies. I knew that moving boxes and furniture would be hard work so while I was in Walmart, I picked up Lipton 100% Natural Black Tea. (You can also find it at

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I’d need something to cool me off while I packed boxes and Lipton iced tea is perfect. drinking Lipton tea  It may have new packaging but it is still America’s favorite tea and is completely natural. New look, same great taste!  Lipton Iced Tea  Shop now and you can save some money too! Use this Ibotta offer to earn $.75 on any one Lipton tea bag product at Walmart (while supplies last). Ibotta offer Once the shopping was done, it was time to get organized. The more I could check off my list, the better!

Printable Moving Checklist

It’s not easy moving boxes so I was glad there was plenty of iced tea to cool off with! Filling pod with moving boxes  Planning your own move to a new home? Here’s the full list of what needs to be done.

Four Weeks Out

  • Schedule movers or pod delivery – This should be one of the first things you do since without these guys, moving is pretty impossible. Be sure that you check the reviews for different moving companies before you book one. Some are more reputable than others. Pod for moving should be scheduled early
  • Take time off work – This seems pretty simple but it’s an easy one to forget. You’ll want to be sure you have the days off you need for moving.
  • Buy boxes, packing tape, packing paper and more – Before we bought our boxes, my husband found some people on our neighborhood Facebook page who were giving away boxes. We saved a lot of money…one lady even had packing paper to give us (and that stuff isn’t cheap!). We eventually still had to buy more boxes and we found the best prices at Walmart. 
  • Pack non-essential items – I started by packing the things we don’t use often…seasonal serving platters, fine china, winter coats, etc. The sooner you start packing, the better. Otherwise, it gets overwhelming fast!
  • Check to see if your new place has move-in rules – When we moved into a high rise years ago, we could only use one designated elevator, couldn’t move on a weekend and had to stick to the hours given. If you’re moving into a house, chances are you won’t have that many rules. However, you should definitely double-check before moving into an apartment or condo.
  • Sell/donate what you no longer need – When we started packing, we discovered that we had WAY too much stuff. I sold a lot of the girl’s clothes at consignment sales and also gave toys and clothes to neighbor. If there’s time, you can even have a garage sale. The way I see it, the more you get rid of, the less there is to pack.
  •  Items to donate
  • Cancel utilities – Don’t forget to cancel your utilities before you move. While you’re at it, you’ll want to cancel your gym membership if you won’t be using it anymore.
  • Empty your safety deposit box – If you’re moving to a different city, don’t forget to clear out your safety deposit box at the bank. While you’re at it, find a safe place to keep your valuables during the move.
  • School records and registration – If you have kids, pick up their records and register them in their new school.
  • Book flights and/or hotels – If you’re flying to your new home, book your flights ahead of time to get the best prices. If you’re driving, plan where you’ll be stopping along the way.Looking out airplane window
  • Eat! – This is an easy one…just start making your way through the freezer and pantry. The more you eat, the less you’ll have to pack up or throw away when moving day comes.  

Two Weeks Out

  • Back up your computer – If something happened to your computer along the way, would you be okay? I know I wouldn’t! Be sure to back it up before you move so if there are any issues, you’re totally covered. 
  • Change your address –  Start with the post office and have your mail forwarded. You’ll also want to notify the bank and credit card companies, plus change addresses for subscriptions and online sites you shop regularly. 
  • Fill and transfer subscriptions – You’ll have enough to take care of once you move into the new place. Plan to do this beforehand, to make life easier.

One Week Out 

  • Confirm dates with moving companies – This is pretty self explanatory…you want to be sure they’re still coming!
  • Photograph electronics – This was a trick I learned when I was a teacher. Every fall I’d have to try to figure out which cord went with which computer, overhead, etc. After a couple years, I finally figured out that if I took pictures of everything before unplugging it, reassembly was SO much easier! Photograph electronics for easy reassembly
  • Pack move-in essentials – You’ll want to pack a box of the essential you’ll need the first few days you’re in the new place. Of course you’ll need clothes but you may also want cleaning supplies, a shower curtain and more.
  • Leave extra keys behind – Don’t forget to leave your keys for the new owners. This includes keys to storage sheds, mailboxes or anything else they’ll need to access. 
  • Leave behind any special instructions and owners manuals – If there’s anything special the owners need to know (in our case, where to find the mailboxes) leave a note behind. You’ll also want to leave behind instruction manuals for any appliances or other equipment you leave behind.Appliance manuals
  • Clean up – You don’t have to scrub the whole house down but it’s a nice touch if you leave it clean and welcoming for the new owners. 

Whew…that’s a lot. You’ve definitely earned another glass of refreshing Lipton tea!   Lipton iced tea with moving boxesWhat are your favorite tips for moving into a new home? Feel free to share…I’ll take all the help I can get!


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