The Newspaper Prints Every Little Story. –

It’s a small town and not much happens most days,

so the town newspaper prints pretty much every little story.

But the editor just can’t believe it one day when the new farmer down the road says that his truck ran into a ditch and killed 2,003 pigs.

He sends his reporter out to the farm to check it out.

The reporter pulls up and finds the farmer working on the fence, so he strolls over and says,

“I understand you had a little accident the other day and lost some livestock, is that right?”

The farmer, who seems reluctant to talk, just nods.

“We heard it was 2,003 pigs. Is that right?”

The farmer frowns a bit and nods again.

“That seems incredible. Are you really sure it was 2,003 pigs?”

The farmer starts to look really upset but again just nods his head.

“Well, my editor wanted me to check it out because 2,003 pigs just seem like a lot and…”

At this point, the farmer, now red-faced and steaming, shouts,

“Yeth, yeth! Two thows and three pigth! Now leave me alone!”

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