The power of prayer is strong

The power of prayer is strong
Sometimes, we get too attached to worldly things and its pleasures, forgetting our root and where we will return to someday.
We thank our parents for the food, clothing and shelter they provide for us; without thanking someone that can quickly end our lives with just his words.
Most at times, we don’t spare time to communicate with our creator. Prayer is one of the ways we communicate with God.
Always call on him through prayers, and he will answer us. He said in his words that we should knock and the doors will be opened to us. His word never lies; it lives forever.
I can’t start a brand new day without thanking the author of my life and asking him always to protect my family and friends.
We often seem to neglect the importance and strength of praying. Prayer is the key to many unanswered questions and wishes.
There are some cases that we might pray or even fast, but it seems like everything is getting worse or there’s no change.
We shouldn’t give up on what we are asking for or try finding out God’s plans for you. God’s plans are never of evil, but it is always for our best interest. We might be praying for the right things at the wrong time.
Communicate with God and find out his visions for you. He might not have answered your prayers because you don’t have faith in him or testing him; it can also be that what you want will only be harmful to you. He always knows the best.
All I ask is, may God bless all my family and friends who need a miracle. Strengthen all who are weak. Lighten those who carry heavy burdens. The power of prayer is strong.

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