There Is A Tricky Cat Hiding Among Bunch Of Owls, But Only Sharpest Eyes Can Find It


Your job with this puzzle is to see how fast you can find the cat that’s pretending to be an owl.

So here’s your first image. As you can see, at initial glance it looks like a bunch of wide-eyed owls staring back at you. But there’s a kitty somewhere in there. Try and see if you can spot it within a minute.

Scroll down for answer:








Did you find it? Okay, we will give you one more minute.

Well done if you were able to find the sneaky kitty. And if you weren’t, let’s put you out of your misery. Here it is!

It sure blended in with the owls, didn’t it? But then, its ears and nose gave it away. Nice try, though.


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