There Was A Rabbit, A Turtle, And A Lizard. –

There was a Rabbit, a Turtle, and a Lizard.

The three of them were thinking of a way to get rich.

OK, I’ve got it says the Turtle we can sell produce.

Great idea, they all agreed.

The Turtle says I’ll go get the plough with the cow, you Lizard go get the seeds and you rabbit goes get the fertilizer and we will all meet back here.

So the Rabbit gets back three years later and finds a big mansion and fields of growing crops.

The Rabbit knocks on the door and asks: is there a Lizard living here??

The butler replies: Yes, “Mr Lizard is out by the yard.” Is that right? Does a Turtle live here??

Asked the Rabbit. The butler replies: Yes, “Mr Turtle is out by the well.”

Well says the Rabbit,

“Go tell them that Mr Rabbit is here with the SH!T!!!”

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