Top 10 foods that guarantee weight loss-How to lose weight

Food has been accused of adding calories to your body but the fact is another way round. No doubt, imbalance diet makes you unhealthy but if you keep a check on what you’re eating and what not, losing weight is as easy as to breathe. Can you skip food? Of course no. So why not to use this food for your benefit of losing weight rather than spending hours in the gym? Let’s go to the exclusive list of our site.

Lose weight with eggs

An egg is a complete diet in itself with an appropriate proportion of proteins. A detailed research claims that eating a whole egg in the breakfast reduces your craving for food at least for the next 6 hours. And a number of calories are way too less that helps you to lose weight.

Drink Water

I’m sorry but this is the most fundamental thing you will find in every weight loss guide. Highlight it. Drink water. Drink as much as you can and stay fresh and healthy. Water not only keeps the body hydrated but also boosts up the metabolism which in turn quickly trims the fats down.



Broccoli Salad is really a must eat. Add this green, highly fibrous and calcium rich food to your diet now and begin your journey of weight loss.


Cabbage and cauliflower

An immune system booster and rich in antioxidants, cabbage is a natural source of burning fats slowly but wholly. Similarly, the cauliflower which is a natural source of Vitamin C and folate.



Generally, rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and folic acid grapefruit is a natural heart-protector and fats burner. It makes the blood circulatory system functioning and helps the users in quick and natural weight loss.


Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folic acid and iron this green vegetable is the best substitute for any oily food according to us. Add it to your diet plan now if you are serious about losing your weight.



Having functional antioxidants, folic acid, potassium and sulfur it is highly effective for food digestion and for controlling your calories intake. Don’t spare the green top which is rich in calcium and vitamin C and have a good lead in weight loss.



Green Pepper

Containing more than 90% water and effective antioxidants, it increases the body metabolism and makes the person energetic and also burns calories. Can you ignore it? No. Mark it now for quick weight loss.


Cucumber is the king of salad so you can add it in your routine diet easily. This summer vegetable is rich in water and integrates your whole body’s functioning including metabolism and energy production that leads to the quick weight loss. You can check it practically by marking it now.



Rich in fats? Yes, but these are the fats your body needs. It contains a safe mono-saturated fat that suppresses the hunger with a great lead. Add half of the Avocado to your diet and watch things happening now.

Adopt this diet plan and avoid other dangerous foods to gain a quick weight loss.

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