Top 5 Types of Nuts for Natural and Healthy Weight Loss-Happy Eating

Increasing rate of obesity is a common observation so do the people’s significant efforts to shed the fats. People go from easy-to-do techniques to hardest possible ones to get into shape. They join gyms, do aerobics and strive for long. but any of these efforts cannot cross the importance of the healthy diet that promotes natural weight loss. Eating healthy doesn’t only make the weight losing journey interesting but also offers possible quick results. One eloquent way to lose weight through food is by using best nuts for natural weight loss.

Are nuts really weight loss friendly?

Luckily, yes. Nuts are rich in protein and fibres that make you full without eating so much and also reduce the level of calories intake. Prominently, the basic function of the safe amount of nuts consumed is to keep you away from food that is rich in calories. Let’s look at the best nuts for natural weight loss that can help you.


These are easily available and one of the best nuts for the natural weight loss. You can eat them anytime anywhere and they will never disturb your taste buds. Almonds are protein rich, full of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that are healthy for the weight loss. A wide research on almonds benefits proposed its results with the discovery of almonds being beneficial not only for trimming the fats but also for reducing the cholesterol level and systolic blood pressure.

Cashew Nuts

One of the best nuts for natural weight loss is cashew nuts that are healthy to eat and easy to reach. The most prominent feature of Cashew nuts is the magnesium available in its texture that is a significant part of the bodily processes that are responsible for fats burning.

Brazil Nuts

There are two basic types of cholesterol in our bodies, the good one and the bad one. And if the good one is in access it will drop the level of bad one and that’s what brazil nuts do for you. These are ranked as one of the best nuts for natural weight loss because of the Palmitoleic Acid and Oleic Acid that enhances the production of good cholesterol and reduces the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body and helps you shed extra fats quickly.

Walnuts and Pistachio

Walnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that let your body store less of the hazardous fats and more of the useful one. Its basic components including linolic acid make them best nuts for the natural weight loss. You can use them with anything, anytime but don’t eat and excessive amount. Similarly, Pistachio is fiber enrich and vastly used in ice creams and deserts due to their crunchy and crispy taste. Apart from making you amuse with its taste it also has some serious abilities to cut the fats from the body.
TipWe recommend you to not to eat the nuts with salt as it can be hazardous for the blood pressure and other cardiovascular functions and don’t eat too much of them. Happy eating!

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