Weekly Low Carbs Meal Plan to Limit the Weight Gain

For a busy person, making a meal plan differently for every single day is quite challenging. Same is with the monthly grocery lists but if everything for a week or perfectly for the month is done before hand, you can stay from a lot of anxiety. We know that even when you have everything in your kitchen, tracking the right recipes for the right time may also be difficult and to save you from so much time consumption and effort, we are presenting you a weekly low carb meal plan that will not only put your taste buds at ease but will also help you to gain no weight and lose more.

Remember, while following this weekly low carb meal plan, try to stay away from sugary drinks, oily and fatty foods and processed snacks. Just go for healthy meals and small portions of healthy snacks. Moreover, drink a lot of water; keep your plates small and portions limited.


Breakfast: Take 16 grams carbs with flourless banana pancakes; drink water with lemon and apple cider vinegar

Lunch: Lemon and oil dressed Garden Salad

Dinner: 8 grams carb containing Slow Cooker Texas Chili and Skinny Mexican Rice. (Save some dinner for next day’s lunch)


Breakfast: 17 gram carb containing Avocado Toast

Lunch: take 8 grams carb with slow cooker Texas chili with 23 grams of skinny Mexican rice.

Dinner: 3 grams carbs containing Cauliflower stir fry and 2 grams blackened sockeye salmon.


Breakfast: 23 grams carbs containing Breakfast Parfait to go

Lunch: 6 grams Caprese salad

Dinner: 14 grams low carb cabbage roll stew with 12 gram skillet green beans and caramelized onions (Save a portion of this dinner for next day’s lunch).


Breakfast: 17 grams carb containing sweet potato pancakes

Lunch: leftovers from day 3 (Dinner from day3 meal plan to limit weight gain)

Dinner: Simply sautéed lemon tilapia which contains no carbs at all and some mashed potatoes wrapped in the Spanish containing 13 grams carbs.


Breakfast: Take 21 carbs with Pita Pocket Breakfast sandwich

Lunch: 8 grams carbs from Cobb salad

Dinner: Slow cooker Balsamic Mushroom and chicken stroganoff with Brussels sprouts smothered in white sauce (Save a portion for next day’s lunch)


Breakfast: 22 grams of carbs from skinnylicious protein smoothie

Lunch: Leftover dinner from the previous dinner

Dinner: 9 gram carbs from stuffed Philly chicken peppers and roasted cauliflower and red pepper with olives.


Breakfast: 22 grams of carbs from keep me going smoothie

Lunch: 18 grams carbs of grilled chicken and blueberry salad

Dinner: Lemon chicken and cucumber and tomato salad.

This diet is all low carb that can help you to gain no weight, lose more weight and maintain a stabilized body shape and weight. If you opt to take this meal, you will be free from tracking the number of calories and carbs you are taking in because we have already done this kind favor to you.

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