Weight Loss Research says Morning Ravers who Wake up to Party at Dawn might be onto Something

The world is becoming more fashionable as the citizens of 16 major cities of the globe wake till the crack of dawn to get their dance and fitness on. Day Breaker, a three-hour morning party is being enjoyed in San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo and many others in the name of movement by the initiator.

Yes, it is a party but it does not begin with drugs and take a start with an hour-long yoga practice. Apart from other raves, the basic tenet of Day Breaker is the health and research suggesst the participants of such parties really get benefitted from it.

Radha Agrawal, a Co-founder of Day Breaker says the feeling of accomplishment waking up in the morning is really good. She further says running and working out makes you sweaty, a good chance of good health in all seasons.

There are some researchers, who find morning workout and sweating is much better than evening or night workout because it makes you fresh, burn more body fats thus reduce weight and boost energy levels. Empty stomach working out further adds the effects of morning workouts.

The No Snooze Pay off

A participant at Day Breakers tells when she dances with other fellows in Day Breakers, all of the people have dressed up in colourful workout clothes, some in nice pants and easy trousers and other costumes and half of the attendants really participate in the extensive workouts along with the party. Working out in the morning helps more fats to burn and reduces the fat reserves in the body as the result of exercise and adequately oxygenized body. Thus if Day Breaker does not help in losing weight, at least prevent for gaining.

In one study, 26 young and healthy members participated where they have lived for six weeks eating a hefty diet including 30% more calories, 50% more fat than they used to eat before the study. They were divided into two groups, one who barely intend to exercise while the other with regular morning workout. It means half of them did exercise with an empty stomach while the other did so with fill stomach high carb food. In the end, those who had not worked out, gained 6 pounds of weight in 6 weeks while the other group gained 3 pounds each. But the people who always took breakfast after hitting gym did not gain one a single pound of weight.

Working without eating anything is much effective and productive than doing after eating, said Peter Hespel, an author of study and professor of physiology. This study has extended to determine the importance of timing, as two groups of people set to running until they lost 400 calories.  The first group is running on an empty stomach while other has 400 calorie breakfast before a workout. Those who have not taken breakfast bunt more calories rather than those with breakfast.

Set your Clock Now

Timing is much important in every phase of life. If you want to lose weight, set your body according to nature. The life of natural world not only makes our life better but also boosts our metabolism. A study suggests morning workout burns more calories, the body gets more oxygen and metabolism get boosted. To wake people early, Day Breakers have arranged many platforms to help people in getting good health. Keep visiting us.

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