What are ten truths everyone should accept in life?

What are ten truths everyone should accept in life?

  1. Looks matter. People who look good have an unfair advantage over the others.
  2. Nobody will ever love you more than your parents.
  3. If you don’t take a stand for yourself, people will walk all over you.
  4. Find a strong support network. Good contacts are very important in tough times.
  5. Be a good person and don’t expect anything from anyone. Expectations will cause you nothing but disappointments.
  6. Work hard but if you don’t work smartly, you’ll end up working for the rest of your life.
  7. Never get upset if someone leaves you. You can never control the other, the only person you can control is yourself.
  8. Never stop being a good person because of your bad experiences with others.
  9. Take care of your health. Health is like money, we only learn it’s value after losing it.
  10. People can change anytime, so never stay dependent on anyone.

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