Burn More Calories In Less Time Just through Skipping Ropes

In the 4th grade gym classes, your coach might have asked you to come up with a skipping rope. And mostly all of the people used to love it. Bring the memory back and put your hands on the handles of your skipping rope now if you are worrying about your fitness particularly about your weight. In my personal experience, I have never seen anything working as fast as skipping ropes to burn my belly fats in the matter of days. Skipping the rope doesn’t only keep the whole body engaged into the activity but also burns fats and boost up the energy level of the body that leads to healthy muscles and healthy body.

Does skipping work same for all?

According to studies, people with different body weight have different tendency of losing weight due to skipping. If a person is extremely fat, s/he will require more energy to jump as high as to let the rope pass beneath his/her feet. And for more energy the body will burn more fats and the process will continue. Similarly, the amount of weight a person can lose due to skipping varies from person to person according to the body weight. But the more the energy a person spends for the activity the more calories he burns. For instance, according to American College of Sports Medicine at even the slow pace the person with 130 pounds weight can burn minimum 472 calories and a person with 205 pounds can burn 745 calories in 60 minutes and the list goes on. That’s exciting but only when you know how exactly to skip the rope.

How to jump the rope?

Skipping is not only influential to burn calories but it is also very effective for better cardiovascular functioning of the body. During skipping, our heart rate and respiration increases that helps the provision of more oxygen to the cells which leads to more energetic being and fresh lifestyle. You can follow the following instructions to skip the rope in better way to burn more calories.

Pace and timing is always in your hand. If you are familiar with it, that’s brilliant and if you’re new, that’s fine. You can just take a skipping rope and start it at the moment. Hold the handles in your both hands and keep them wide open to your both sides. Give a swing to the rope with your twisted wrist and jump high enough to let the rope pass beneath your feet. Make it sure that only the balls of the feet are touching the floor. You can do formal skipping with your legs attached to each other, you can single leg skipping, high step skipping in which you are supposed to alternate the leg with high knees and skier skipping in which your feet are supposed to be together and knees bent and you jump one inch to the left and one inch to the right. You can also choose a running pace while skipping.

No matter what, skipping is never going to disappoint you even if you do it for 10 minutes a day or 3 times a week.

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