Can you Find the Height of the Table?


Put your mathematical hat on and solve this riddle with equations.

In the given picture you will see a cat, a tortoise and a table. Along with it you will also see that there are some measurements given. Based on the given information find the height of the table.

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Answer to the picture puzzle:

Height of the table = 150 cm


Let the height of table be T

Let the height of Cat be C &

Let the height of Tortoise be R

So as per the given picture we can write the following equations:

T + C – R = 170 &

T + R – C = 130

Let’ s add these 2 equations to find the result;

T + C – R = 170

+ T – C + R = 130

= 2 T + 0 + 0 = 300

i.e 2T = 300

Therefore we get;

T = 150

Hence, the height of the table is 150 cm.

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