Cleanse Your Liver and See Your Fats Shedding

Cleanse Your Liver and See Your Fats Shedding

All organs of the body function in surprising coordination. If one organ gets damage, it directly affects the functioning of all other organs. Same is with the liver and stomach. In simple words, when we eat food and don’t do much effort for proper digestion and stay in relaxing positions after each meal, foods gets stored in the body and due to the functioning of the liver, it takes the shape of fats. A slight damage or toxin accumulation in the liver can lead to chronic health diseases such as constipation, soft feces, bladder obstruction or micturition and weight gain. And if the liver is cleansed at the right time, all of these severe consequences will disappear. But the point is how to cleanse the liver safely? Specialists recommend using proper diet and healthy prescribed foods. They will not only give a go to the toxins in the liver but also clean it properly that will lead to better health and to lose weight.

There are certain foods, oils and beverages that can help you cleanse your liver that will reduce the fats storage.

Beverages that cleanse liver and trim fats

Garlic and ginger with grapefruit juice

Garlic and ginger are best known for detoxifying qualities that will help the liver rid of the residue. Similarly, grapefruit which is the guru of blood sugar and appetite control does its magic with some serious spells. Just take 2 grapefruits, 4 lemons and 2 ginger and garlic gloves. Add them to the water and grind the mixture properly. Now, you can use the drink in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Olive oil, garlic and orange juice

This natural detoxifying drink will boost up the toxin elimination. Just take ¼ cup of olive oil, ¼ cup of fresh orange juice and some pinches of finely ground garlic and ginger. Mix all the ingredients well and take the drink at least for three nights in a row.

Green Tea

The toxin repellent and fats trimmer ingredients and qualities of green tea are not hidden from the world. It boosts up the metabolism and drives your body crazy after pushing the fats out. Try to take 3-4 cups of green tea particularly if you’re following an exercise routine.

Foods that help cleanse the liver and weight loss

Green vegetables

Green vegetables enriched with chlorophyll that potentially absorbs the toxic substances from the blood helps the liver get cleaner and stomach get more smooth in functioning.


Grape is the natural source of highly reactive antioxidants and helps liver eliminate more toxins than normal and helps the body trim more fats. It also boosts up the bile production.

Apples and avocado

Pectin present in apples detoxifies the liver texture and boosts up the digestion that helps the body burn more fats. Similarly, avocado aids the immune system to guard the body properly against toxins. It contains all the beneficial elements that lead to natural liver cleansing and weight loss.


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