Here Is Exactly How Much Water You Need To Drink Per Day to Lose Weight

Here Is Exactly How Much Water You Need To Drink Per Day

Our body’s texture is consists of almost 71% of water. And the disturbed balance of water in the body can lead to severe and unhealthy consequences such as heart strokes, blood thickness, kidney issues, lungs issues and weight gain. And if you drink enough water, it not only rescues your from different chronic diseases but also freshens your skin, boost up your metabolism, smoothens the digestion, keeps you fresh and energetic for the whole of the day and helps you lose weight. Water is the only thing in this world that is easily available and carries magical qualities for all aspects of healthy life. But the question is should you keep drinking water 24/7? If not, how much water you should consume and on what basis? Here is a holistic way to know how much water you should drink in order to see better and healthy results.

Go and weigh yourself

Drinking water always feels refreshing but if drunk in the right amount at right time, nothing can compensate it for weight losing tricks. To know what is your exclusive targeted amount of water, you must be aware of your current body weight and if you know your BMI (Body Mass Index) that’s gold. Water makes a lot of your body weight so to know how much intake of water you need on daily basis, knowing your current body weight is important. Because a person with 200 pounds can never be compared to a person with 70 pounds in weight losing journey or drinking water battle.

Now, do some math

This is not about algebra, honestly. Just divide your body weight by 2 like ½. For instances, if your current body weight is 80 pounds, the half is 40 obviously. Now, here is your result. If you weigh 80 pounds you require 40 ounces of water per day. This is as simple as that.

Your body activity counts

As the amount of water to be drunk varies from person to person so a man who is sleeping all day and a person doing some really hard work-out in the morning needs the different amount of water. Therefore, what you are doing in your routine, how much energy you are consuming and what is your perspiration rate counts for deciding how much water exactly you need to drink. If you are indulged in hard and sweating activities such as exercise, sports or other chores, you definitely need to boost up the ounces of water you are taking. Because you need to compensate the loss.

Divide your ounces

Now, when you have divided your body weight by 2 and know that how many ounces exactly you need to take per day divide it in routine. You can take a glass of water while just waking up and one glass before sleep, 16 ounces. Consider 1 glass of water before each meal which makes 24 ounces. Collectively they make 40 ounces. Just do it and enjoy.

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