Find the odd Santa in just 15 seconds

Most people get it wrong on their first try: Can you find the symbol out?

Today, I have three puzzles for you. These three picture puzzles have the same requirements: focus your eyes and sharpen your brain. You need to find find the symbol that stands out from the rest in every picture.

To not make it too easy, you only have 15 seconds to complete each puzzle. Do not cheat – it’s a way to train your willpower. The challenge is simple, but with the time limit, things become more interesting.

Most people fail on the first try. I asked four of my friends to solve them, and only 1 could do all three on the first attempt. In other words, is not so simple.

Which Santa is different?

So let’s start — can you find the Santa that stands out?

You only have 15 seconds to find the Santa that stands out from the others. Because of that, it’s important to focus and look carefully.

Do you see what Santa in the picture below is different from the rest?

Were you able to find the odd symbol out?

Here, too, only a small detail sets the symbol apart from the rest. If you, like many others, can’t find it, below is the solution.




Below you can see the solution!

There is a Santa without a bell! Not easy to see!

A different digit

Time for the second puzzle! Find the odd digit out.

Among all 9’s there’s another figure hidden.

I can tell you that it’s a 6 if you’re looking for a clue, but maybe you already know that! Chances are that you already found it.




Otherwise, below you can see the solution!

There is the 6 — at the bottom, in the middle!

Find the odd snowman out!

Time for the third and final challenge! If you successfully completed the first two, you might get a hat-trick! Remember, you only have 15 seconds.

Was it too difficult? No worries, here comes the answer!




Below you can see the solution!

In the middle row to the very right, there he is, with a straight arm!

Did you find at least 1 symbol?

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