How Many Black Dots Can You See?

Look once you’ll see a maximum of four. Look twice, you’ll see eight.

But look three times and you might just get the answer to the latest internet puzzle driving people to madness and migraines.






When a person keeps his or her eyes directly on a single intersection, the dark dot does not appear.

The dark dots disappear if one is too close or too far from the image.






For the record, there are 12 black dots.

However, with four placed horizontally on the top row, four along the middle and four along the bottom, it seems it’s almost impossible to see them all at the same time.


How Many 7s Are There In The Picture?

If you are proud on your precious eyes, take this test.

All you need to do is count and tell how many 7 do you see?

Carefully look at the image and then give your answer.

Scroll down for the answer.








You have tried already now see the answer and match the sharpness of your brain. The answer will be 7. There are seven ”7” in this puzzle picture. For being clear of your answer you keep your eyes on the picture.


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