This Mobile Home Comes With Its Own Mobile Porch And Greenhouse


mobile home with greenhouse

In an age with a growing awareness of the dangers of overpopulation, the tiny living movement is showing some promise. Well, this charming tiny house that comes with its very own greenhouse and porch is sure to help promote the minimalist lifestyle.

Most people like their homes to be big and spacious. In 2014, the United States Census Bureau reported that the average size of homes in the U.S. was over 2,400 square feet. According to the environmental website Shrink That Footprint, American houses have more than twice as much space as British, Italian, or Japanese houses, and three times as much as those in Russia or China. 

However, despite this trend of having more space, some people are changing the narrative; choosing to live in houses that are no more than 500 square feet. This is known as the tiny house movement and it’s becoming a big deal, with over 250,000 searches on Google every month and several TV shows dedicated to the tiny house lifestyle. [1]

People who choose to join the tiny house movement have different reasons for doing so. Some people are trying to reduce their footprint on the earth, some just want a house they can take with them wherever they go, while others are looking for alternative ways to own a home without a mortgage. 

Irrespective of their reasons for doing so, they’re still a part of the growing tiny house movement trend that’s gradually changing the way we think about the home.

Introducing the Elsa, an attractive modern tiny house

Today, more people are interested in tiny homes than ever before, but most of them are discouraged by several misconceptions about the capabilities of the design style. The most common of these is that living in a tiny home means sacrificing some of the luxuries of more conventional-sized spaces. [2]

However, with the improvement of modern technology, more elaborate designs are being built into tiny homes to make them as comfortable as full-size houses. Pretty soon, you won’t be required to sacrifice your luxuries to make room for your bed or kitchen. This is where The Elsa comes in. 

The Elsa, a tiny mobile home that comes with a detachable mobile greenhouse and porch, is the brainchild of Olive Nest Tiny Homes, a luxurious tiny homes designer. The main area of The Elsa measures at 323 square feet but still feels bright and airy. The loft-style unit features light-colored wood and white walls that create the illusion that the tiny structure is twice as big as it really is. [3]

The interior layout is excellent with a main lounging area that features a full-sized couch which can be pulled out to create another bed and chair. The galley kitchen houses a full-sized range and fridge opposite a skinny bar table that can swing out to accommodate four. The Elsa also has a set of storage-hiding steps that lead up to a loft bed with dormer windows on each side. [4]

Beneath the loft is the bathroom and more storage. The attachable pergola trailer and greenhouse, which are 85 square feet, come in a second trailer that hooks up to the main house trailer. This means that you may have to transport the complete structure in two or more trips (or two cars). 

Other features of The Elsa include:

  • A gray standing seam metal roof and matching siding.
  • A 4-glass panel front door.
  • Pergo flooring and pine floors in the loft.
  • Full-size gas range and oven with marble countertops.
  • Enough space to store all of your vegetables.

The Elsa is a luxury tiny abode that is designed to prove that the minimalist lifestyle can be comfortable and even luxurious as well, so it isn’t exactly cheap as a basic model sells for roughly $81,000. [5]

Why join the tiny house movement?

To the uninitiated, the tiny house lifestyle may seem intimidating as it goes against the commonly held belief that “bigger is better”. However, it turns out that there are many merits to the tiny home movement and the tiny life philosophy. 

  1. Affordability Most Americans dedicate about 30% to 50% of their income to keeping the roof over their heads. Buying a tiny home means that you won’t have to worry about the high cost of owning a “full-sized” home, as well as the associated expenses.
  2. Simplicity– We are constantly being bombarded with a lot of complex information every day and this movement helps people learn about another way to live their lives. The tiny home movement encourages people to simplify, downsize, and learn how to live with less. [6]
  3. Environment– By shrinking their home, individuals in the tiny house movement reduce their environmental footprint. Because tiny houses use less energy, less money is spent on energy bills, housing costs, and daily consumption resulting in an increasingly simplified existence.

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